These are some of the programs I use on a regular basis. I hope they are as useful to you as they are to me.

  • Software Development

    • Visual Studio 2010 – Any developer worth his salt should utilize this tool. I need to rely on it more, as I’m sure I’m only using 2% of it’s capabilities.
    • XAMPP – An easy way to get Apache, MySQL, PHP & Perl configured on your windows machine without having to know a ton of configuration flags.
  • Web Browser

    • Firefox – Netscape was my first browser, followed by Internet Explorer. Then this new kid on the block came out called Firefox. They easily handled multiple tabs, plugins, themes, and wasn’t hijacked every time you started up the program. Other programs now accomplish similar tasks, but this happened to get to me first, so I stay close. Only annoyance is the extremely frequent updates. Seriously. It’s been a week. Put the code down and take a break.
      • Plugins
        • FireBug
        • Ghostery
  • Music Players

    • Winamp
    • Sonique
  • Task and Note Organizer

    • EverNote
  • Text Editor

    • Notepad++
    • Textpad

Do you use other programs I could find useful? Send me a quick note!
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