This page will have all of the links that I use to do things. Mostly for purchases.

Contacts – If you already have contacts that you’re happy with, I’d recommend getting them online. Same brand and prescription that you’ve been wearing for a while, but at a fraction of the price.

  • EZ Contacts – I got a whole year supply for both eyes what my eye doctor wanted to charge me for 6 months for one eye. Of course, that was a few years ago.

Eye Glasses – If you are picky about how you look in a pair of glasses, don’t buy them online unless you can get example frames first. The match up of face shapes (square, oval, circle, etc) won’t do you any justice. However, if you’re OK with ball-parking it, then getting online will be extremely cost effective. I recommend having someone measure your pupil distance for you though, as it was kind of a pain for me 🙂

  • 39 Dollar Glasses/ – One pair of glasses were going to cost me close to $300 one year at the doc’s office, so I looked online. These guys got me a regular pair of glasses and sunglasses (same frames) for less than $100. Did it include scratch and glare resistant coatings? YES IT DID! And, in a weird mix-up, they also ended up mailing me two prescription pairs of glasses and told me to keep them instead of shipping them back. That wins in my book!
  • Zenni Optical – Some friends of mine have used this site and highly recommend them. I like their selection, and may give them a shot after my next eye appointment

Ink Cartridge Refills – Many who buy ink jet printers get them because they are cheaper than laser printers. Unfortunately, you’ll see that after printing the first 100 pages (default factory amount :P) that it’s like refueling a big rig, and feels like a swift kick to the genitals. Have no fear! Buying online is a cheaper option than you’re local office supply chain, and buying generic is even better!

  • Meritline – I think I found them through a google search, probably with a sponsored link. I’m usually skeptical with sites I haven’t used before, and so I did some due diligence by checking reviews. Everyone seemed to have positive feelings, so I bought the bullet. I think I got 3 color (cyan, magenta, yellow) and 2 black (the ones we use the most) for $13. SHIPPED! It showed up within a week, was compatible, and haven’t had any issues.

Have something that you’d like to know where I’d buy from? Send me a request on my contact page.