Fun With Medical Bills and Insurance Claims

So this is what I like to consider fun.

Someone requires to go to the hospital.

We go.

We wait.

We get seen.

We copay.

We leave.

Then a few weeks later we get a check in the mail from the insurance company…

“What is this?”, we ask ourselves.

“Hmm… I wonder if it was for that thing that happened 3 months ago… ok, great, let’s cash it and put it towards our debt snowball.”



10 months after that point you’ll get a bill from the hospital that they conveniently forgot to send you.

Thanks hospital.

There should be an expiration of services rendered and when you can no longer bill against them.

Fortunately this time, my wife was on top of it.

She called the ever-so-wonderful people at the hospital, and spent over an hour on the phone with them telling them that they need to bill us.

The whole “Shut up and take my money” has a different meaning when it comes to hospitals, because they were very adamant about us NOT owing them anything.

“Great, could you please put that in writing and send it to us?”

And that’s when the pause happens.

I’m sure they know that once they do that, we would have proof that we owe them nothing.

That’s when they REALLY start to look for our misplaced bill.

Sure enough “Oh here it is, I’ll send you the bill shortly.”

So we deposit the check into savings, and wait for this bill to show up.

Thank goodness too, as the check from the insurance company was about to expire in a few weeks, and then we’d really be up a creek without a paddle.


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